Arabic Soap by Sari - Natural and Traditionally Handmade

Arabic Soap by Sari - Natural and Traditionally Handmade

Arabic Soap By Sari - Natural And Traditionally Handmade

About The Soap

​Fresh and 100% natural with no preservative nor coloring. Arabic traditional handmade soap is made in Saudi Arabia with Coconut Oil to make it give off all the nice bubbles, Castor Oil to maintain these bubbles in a nice thick and luscious creamy lather, Palm Oil to make it a nice hard and lasting bar of soap, and Olive Oil to leave your skin moisturized. I use different essential oils such as Himalayan Cedarwood, Lavender, and Dark Patchouli to make you feel fresh and cozy after each bath.

About Sari
I am a molecular biologist and Biotechnologist by profession. I started making soap as a hobby after, one day, a conversation with several friends inspired me to take up traditional Arabic soap making. I was soon hooked to the process and its potential creativity and ended up making more soap than I use. After gifting it and handing it out to numerous friends and family I realized that everyone around me loved my soap and wanted me to make more. So I started selling it, primarily to have my hobby fund its self. I started selling my soap and catering for men (using men fragrances). 
Today I have a website so people outside my community can enjoy the soap I make.
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