1. What are the benefits of using beard oil and beard balm from Diggn’It?

Diggn’It products are a mixture of oils inspired by our Arabian ancestors. The mixture is free of any preservatives or chemical materials, and consists of 100% pure natural oils such as: castor oil, cactus oil, sweet almond oil and other Arabian oils known for their benefits in fostering healthy hair growth and thickness.

 Our products help nourish and moisturize skin leading to healthy and fortified facial hair, which helps hair grow thicker, reduces embrittlement associated with dryness, and gives it a clean and elegant look.

Our products help a man care for his skin and hair.


2. What is the difference between the beard oil and the beard balm? And which one is better for you?

The balm and the oil is made up of similar mixtures of beneficial oils, but the balm also contains beeswax and shea butter giving it a smooth and creamy texture. The balm helps reduce excessive dryness or itchiness by acting as a sealant for moisture locking in hydration keeping skin supple and hair soft. 

Both the balm and the oil help shape the beard and tame unruly hairs, with the balm providing a bit more hold than the oil. 

3. How does Diggn'It help with facial hair patches?

Diggn'It products help nourish hairs that are growing naturally on a man's face. Our products are not meant to be used as a growth serum, and will not induce hair where it is not growing. Our products help you grow the hair that is already growing through natural nourishment.

As for patches, much of the solution to covering them up is allowing the hair around the patch to grow longer, which ultimately covers up the patches giving you a full beard. 

4. How to use Diggn'It beard oil and beard balm?

We recommend using the beard products on a daily basis and at least once a day after a shower so that the pores are open and the product is absorbed into the skin. Apply 3-5 drops of oil at a time on one hand and rub it on the beard and face. The same method is also used for the balm and the quantity is determined according to the length of the beard.

Make sure to use the product on all the area of the beard and the skin and that's it. You can then enjoy your beard immediately after using the product without washing. 

It is advisable to limit your application of the oil to three times a day because the excessive use of oil leads to clogged pores.


5. How long does it take to see the results?

Results vary based on everyones individual hair characteristics dictated by your genetic identity with some men have naturally thick hair and get results faster than men with thin hair.

Changes are noticed in 2 - 4 weeks.


6. What is Mustache Wax?

The mustache wax contains the same components of the balm (8 natural oils with beeswax and shea butter) that increases the growth and density of the mustache. But it has a higher proportion of wax than the balm, which gives a higher ability to hold your mustache in place


7. What do I use to wash my beard?

Some men use shampoo on their beards. Shampoo is designed for scalps which is too harsh for the skin on the face. Shampoos dry out your pores making your face itchy and dry and your hair strangly. To wash your beard, use a gentle face wash every 2 -3 days to allow your beard to remain in a natural oil bath. A beard wash can also be used.