Beard Care 101

Beard Care 101

 If you have decided to grow a beard, or you have a beard but are not sure how the experts maintain it to a professional level, then this article is the place to start. We will go over the things to know before you grow, and the critical steps that you need to take to care for your beard.

Before you grow:

Let’s discuss what decisions you must make in your quest to have a great beard.

What are the benefits of growing a beard?

If you are unsure why you should grow a beard, then this article will explain what the key advantages are to have a beard and convince you to join the growing trend. 

What beard suits your face shape?

Not all beards suit every face, and we need to find the best beard that works for you. Check out our article here on what beard works with your look.

Sustaining your beard:

Once you have a beard (or have decided to grow one) here are the main steps that you need to take to maintain a lush manly beard. Consider these a step by step plan that you can follow to always ensure you look your best.

1. Wash and keep it clean

You must treat your beard as if your facial skin and hair are combined, for example not only should it be cleaned with soap-free facewash (to keep the moister), but we also want to wash it with shampoo and conditional to clean out any dead skin under the beard and repair the hair follicles.

2. Keep it neat and trimmed

To keep a beard neat and trimmed, there are two quick and easy parts. The first is to employ a beard brush to meticulously groom your hairs into an appealing natural shape, as well as spread out the beard oil and beard balm. The second is to keep it trimmed to appear as fresh as possible.

3. Use beard oil or beard balm

After the beard is trimmed and neat, it is time to apply some beard oil/balm before you leave the house. Don’t know what beard oil or balm is? We have written a beard oil 101 guide to help you choose the right one for you. We also have an article that highlights the difference between beard oil and beard balm if you are perplexed!

4. Bonus - Maintain the skin

You have gone to all this effort to maintain the beard, it would be a shame to forget about the skin next to it and under it. Be sure to clean it thoroughly, then exfoliate dead skin once a week, before moistening every day. Bonus points if you use a cream with at least a +30 SPF sunscreen to protect from the dangerous sun.

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