Why Use A Beard Brush?

Why Use A Beard Brush?

Why Use A Beard Brush?

Brushing hair is no longer just for women.

For the men who care about the quality and look of their beard, a beard brush is a daily essential and one of the best tools to achieve a smooth, healthy looking beard.


So why use it?

1) Groomed Appearance

Brushing and combing your beard should be done on a daily basis, and if not then at least 3-4 times a week. We all want to look and feel our best and that’s why keeping a well groomed and maintained beard is mandatory.  Not only do you keep a sharp appearance, but also it keeps the nasty tangles away.

2) Great Detangler

As we all know, facial hair is very coarse and thick, which makes the hair mesh together causing small tangles, knots and irritation to the skin below.  This is where daily brushing becomes a relief, as it reduces any discomfort by detangling hair, stimulating blood flow to the hair follicles for healthier growth and evenly distributes your natural oils for a more hydrated beard.  Ultimately brushing your beard has more benefits than just a well-groomed and softer appearance.

3) Removes Dirt
Dirt, dust and other debris are constantly flying through the air, making your beard the perfect place for it to get trapped.  Through the bodies natural healing and removal process, the top layers of the skin slowly dry out and flake off, becoming dead skin or “beardriff”, which can be itchy and uncomfortable.  By using a beard comb you are effectively aiding in the removal of all the dirt and dead skin that can be trapped underneath.

4) When To Use

A good brush is essential but knowing when to use it also dictates its benefits.  You will want to use you beard brush on dry hair, relieving any pain from tugging and build up of potential knots when wet.  This is also a great time to use any beard oils, balms or waxes as the brush will thoroughly and evenly distribute the beard products from the root to the tip.  

Why Use A Beard Brush? Why Use A Beard Brush? Why Use A Beard Brush?


What Type Of Brush To Use
As you are probably aware, there are countless types of brushes and combs made with various materials, however some materials are not made equal.  Going into the grocery store and buying a plastic brush probably wont be the best idea for you!

When it comes to picking the best materials for brushes, using wood products are the best choice.  Wood is a natural material and will generate less static electricity than plastic and is incredibly strong, giving you a solid product that will last.  

There are three main types of wood products that are used for making beard brushes:

Bamboo is probably the most well known wood, and this is because of its strength, lightweight and easy manoeuvrable form.  Bamboo benefits are:

  • Lightest of the wood family
  • Easy to use while shaping your hair
  • Known for its superior strength
  • Distributes Beard Oil, Balms and Waxes evenly


Sandalwood offers a rich and noticeable scent creating an added benefit to the brush.  It has anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties due to the essential oils that Sandalwood carries.  Sandalwood benefits are:

  • Refined and polished feel compared to a plastic comb
  • Reduces hair damage and split ends
  • Less frizz and static discharge
  • Soaks in oils over time


Pearwood is another incredibly strong material that is dense and porous to soak in oils and other products while distributing them evenly.  Pearwood benefits are:

  • Refined and polished feel compared to a plastic comb
  • Reduces hair damage and split ends
  • Anti-static - Less frizz and static discharge
  • Pear wood soaks in oils over time


Hopefully after reading this you will see why having a beard brush is such an important part of your daily routine!  That’s why at Diggn’It we put a lot of effort into making our special Bamboo Beard Brush and unlike other cheap brushes; we can promise that this will be a special piece that you keep for years to come.


Start your beard journey and brush your worries away!

Why Use A Beard Brush?


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