How to Keep a Beard Neat in Six Easy Steps

How to Keep a Beard Neat in Six Easy Steps

 You have a fantastic beard, you have been using beard oil and its appearing lushest and thick. But some hairs are starting to get out of shape and you want to trim it to appear neater.

But, where do you trim? Let’s go through the major areas that if trimmed, make your beard look neat and sophisticated. You will want to do this at least once a week.


1. Shave Under the Chin

A Neck beard is the area of your beard that grows from your Adams apple (mid neck) down to the top of your chest and it should be shaven completely. The reason for this is twofold, if you have hair on your neck it makes it seem like your beard is much dirtier and not organised. The 2nd purpose is to make you chin seem sharper, that you have a strong jaw and are manlier.

To decide where to trim, simply put two fingers together and run them up your neck till they hit under your head. This is the point that your neck meets your chin. Shave everything under this line. Warning, if you shave too far up your chin it will make your neck appear like it has too much skin, achieving the opposite effect of making you look fatter.


 2. Under the Ears

If you trace a finger under your ear lobe down your neck, you may have some awkward neck hair that extends out towards the back of your head away from your face. You want to shave or trim the hair behind and below your ear.

 How to Keep a Beard Neat in Six Easy Steps

 3. Remove any visible Ear or Nose Hairs 

This is mandatory, no one likes ear or nose hairs, they must be trimmed or plucked. No excuses.


 4. Above the Ear to Lip Line

If you trace a finger and draw a line from the middle of your ear, to the corner of your lip, you will get what is known as the cheek line. It will be diagonal and cut through the middle of your cheek. Hair does not normally grow above this line, but if it does you want to shave off any hairs that are above the line.

 How to Keep a Beard Neat in Six Easy Steps


 5. Neaten the Upper Lip.

When you have a conversation with others, its common to watch lips as others speak and nothing more uncomfortable than hairs that reach over your upper lip and enter the mouth. Simply take a cutting tool, either scissors or an electronic trimmer and make a defined line where the top of your upper lip meets the skin. Be careful as the lip is quite sensitive and you do not want to cut it. Also pay close attention to the corner where your upper lip meets the lower lip as these hairs can become rather long.


 6. Trim hairs that are out of place

This last step takes the longest but be sure to hunt for any stay hairs that sit out of the beard and are longer than other hairs.

How to Keep a Beard Neat in Six Easy Steps

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