5 Timeless Mustache Styles

5 Timeless Mustache Styles

A man’s mustache has long been a defining symbol of masculinity. It takes a certain type of man with a helluva lot of confidence to not just wear a mustache but to wear it well. If you’re that kind of man, read on for 5 timeless mustache styles that are always in vogue and eye-catching.   

The first step to growing a mustache is super easy. Hide your razor and let your upper lip hair grow. We recommend growing out your whole beard and then cutting the beard hair while leaving the lip area alone. You need about an inch of growth before you’ll be ready to make the transition from full beard to manicured mustache. To shape your mustache, you will need a trimmer, scissors, beard balm or mustache wax and some inspiration.  

Horseshoe Mustache

Also called the Hulk, a horseshoe is not the easiest to grow making them pretty badass. It’s basically a goatee without chin hair so to get one, grow a goatee and then shave the chin.


Lampshade Mustache

A favorite among cops and army men, the lampshade is a natural style that takes time to grow but is relatively easy to maintain. With this style, the hair covers the area between the upper lip and nose and extends to the edges of upper lips but no further. 

Handlebar Mustache

Handlebars require the use of Mustache Wax to achieve the bicycle handles. A standard handlebar is thick at the ends of the mustache or handles grown long. The mustache is waxed with the ends shaped into fine points. The handles curl out over the cheeks and back towards the middle of the face.

Pencil Mustache

If subtle is your style then go with the pencil. Trimmed just above the lip and never outside the corners of the mouth, a pencil mustache is all about maintenance.


Dali Mustache

Made famous by Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali, the Dali is a pencil mustache with long handles. The handlebars are waxed thin and form a sharp point. Dali often styled his handlebars in different ways including into an infinity symbol.

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