7 Best Movies for Beards men

7 Best Movies for Beards men

There have been so many memorable beards in film history. Today, we’re taking on a big task: we’re going to try and pick out the best of the best. These are in no particular order, but all of them are going to have you stroking your chin and wondering if the audience is ready for your closeup.  


  • The Hunger Games

Our list starts off with a surprising pick – the adaptation of Suzanne Collins’s wildly successful Hunger Games. In the film, one beard in particular strands out: Seneca Crane. Made up of wild curves, spikes, and curls, the flames-like pattern on Crane’s face definitely earned a place on our list.

Seneca Crane’s Beard’s Facebook page!

  • Gangs of New York

As a star-studded film featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day Lewis, directed by Martin Scorsese at the height of his powers, Gangs of New York deserves to be taken seriously. Set in the mid-1860’s in New York, this film has examples of everything from beards to mustaches. to muttonchops. Gangs of New York lives up to the hype and has something to offer to any fan of facial hair.


  • The Reverant

The second Leo DiCaprio entry on our list, the Reverant is about two men’s struggle with the wild. Just like the frosty, arctic setting, DiCaprio and co-star Tom Hardy’s beards become almost like characters in their own right, reflecting the harsh conditions and the sheer will of both characters to survive.


  • Pirates of the Caribbean

I could definitely talk about Jack Sparrow’s sweet twin braids. Or Captain Barbosa’s wild beard that strikes fear throughout the seven seas. We would even have to talk about the man, myth, and legend himself, Blackbeard, if you made it far enough in the franchise. However, the beard that put Pirates of the Caribbean on our list has to be Davey Jones’s tentacle beard. It’s unique, it’s amazing to watch on the screen, and it’s definitely part of excellent world-building that the whole series does so well.


  • Django Unchained

Our last Leo movie, we promise. Writer/director Quentin Tarantino masterfully puts together a cast of lush, cool facial hair that will keep viewers gripped for the entire 2 hour 45 minute run time. Christoph Waltz’s whiskers definitely shine throughout the film, especially as we get to watch him maintain his mustache curl and artfully use his beard over and over again to make movie magic.


  • The MCU

It took over a decade, but the Infinity Arc of the Marvel Cinematic Universe came to a close last year. Over those ten years, fans have had the chance to delight over so many memorable facial hair looks that it wouldn’t be fair to split the universe up. Highlights from the list include any of Tony Stark’s trademark goatees; Samuel L. Jackson’s iconic Nick Fury eye patch-beard combination; and of course, Captain America “copying Thor’s beard and Thor letting him know about it in the middle of battle


  • Lord of the Rings

JRR Tolkien’s fantasy epic came to life on the big screen. Over three movies, the world was gifted some of the most splendid beards that have ever been put on film. Each beard tells their owner’s stories: Gandalf’s beard changing from grey to white while his powers grew; the details in Gimlet's beard told the story of how the dwarves looked rough on the outside but had careful eyes for beauty. Aragon, Boromir, Saruman, all had beards that told stories. We could keep going, but why should we tell you about them when you could watch the movies and enjoy the real thing?   


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