Baller beards: The Best Beards in Football

Footballers and beards, name a more stylish combination!

While not every footballer rocks a beard (looking at you, Cristiano), the ones that do look badass! 

Here are some of the best beards from men’s football:

  • Andrea Pirlo

From the man himself, “It wasn’t bothering me in the summer so I let it grow. Now I don’t waste time shaving…”

  • David Beckham 

A true beardsmen, David Beckham has been changing his look for years with stunning success. He made sure to enter every new season with a new and different look that was sure to distract opponents!

  • Gerard Pique

The question on everyone’s mind - what took longer, growing your beard or styling your hair! Jk, the beard complemented your good looks and great play.

  • Tim Howard

Maybe Howard saw Beckham’s distraction plan and decided on one of his own! Whatever the reason, Howard’s beast, like his keeping, is monster and cool. 

  • Xabi Alonso

Crisp, clean, and smooth - Alonso decided to copy/paste his footballing style onto his grooming style. As usual, it ended in him winning. 

  • Alexei lalas

Known for his distinctive beard and hair, Lalas is was a standout player for Team USA in the ‘94 World Cup. He went on to become the first American in Italy's Serie A as a member of Calcio Padova.  

  • Raul Meireles

Meireles pulled a quick 180 and went from bald and clean shaven to Faux-hawk and full beard.

  • Romelu Lukaku

Manchester United would not be missing Fergie THAT much if only Lukaku’s goal scoring ability was as good as his grooming game!

  • Adil Rami

Rami can thank his Moroccan genes for the fine facial hair he’s so excellently styled and groomed.


  • Lionel Messi

Weird and shocking at first, Messi with a beard continues to chug along just fine. He’s still scoring mind-blowing goals, making physics-bending passes, and lifting trophies.    

  •  Mohammed Salah

Much of the Egyptian King’s iconic look relies on the beard. And that’s a great thing! 

  • Nicolas Otamendi

A ferocious defender with a fierce doesn’t get better than that!

  • Juan Mata

Like the man himself, Mata’s beard is unassuming, effective, and always around. 

  • Mohammed Alsahlawi

A Saudi legend, Alsahlawi was the best player of the Saudi League 2 years in a row in 2013-14 and 2014-15. 

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic 

"The more I stroke this beard, the more people will think I'm intelligent", what more can be said?!

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