Beards and Lids: 6 Hat Styles that Accentuate Facial Hair

Tom and Jerry, Burger and Fries, Batman and Robin, beard and hat - some things in life just go together. The following is a list of 6 unique headwear styles that will complement your beard.


Baseball Caps

The all-time classic. Baseball hats and beards became a “thing” alongside the mid-90s rap explosion as more and more rappers began sporting and popularizing brands like New Era and Mitchell & Ness. These type of hats generally act as a sporty, informal accessory to your look and perfectly show off any beard especially towards the cheeks and jawline.

Shemagh wa Omani Masar:

The other all-time classic. The Shemagh/Keffiyeh/Masar is traditional Arabian male headwear that proudly defines a region and a culture. The vibrant colors and various styles support a host of different looks with ease and efficiency. Goatees, Garibaldis, lighter beards as well as fuller ones are all highlighted and enhanced when accompanied by a Shemagh.


Beanies are a versatile headwear usually worn in the cold. Something else usually worn in the cold...beards!

Flat Cap

Flat caps add a European, formal flair to one’s style. They work well with sweaters, v-necks, and vests and they do a good job of highlighting sideburns and then beards.


One of the most informal hats on this list, buckets have become popular festival wear. Buckets look best with longer, grown-out beards and their natural lack of formality means they are a hipster’s favorite.


Not necessarily the most practical of headwear but badass nonetheless. Stetsons are the prototypical cowboy hats and cover so much of one’s face, you have to look at the hat-wearer’s mouth and jaw.   

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