Best men's hairstyles for your face shape

Best men's hairstyles for your face shape

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There’s nothing like a solid hairstyle to enhance your features and face shape. It is super important because your face is a major part of your personal brand and it’s the first thing the world sees. Just like with grooming and dressing, framing your face with an appropriate hairstyle means accentuating favorable features, exaggerating smaller dimensions and concealing larger ones. 

Remember this is only a guide and meant to aid your grooming journey. Embrace your individuality, play with different hair styles and break the rules - so long as you find the perfect hairstyle for your face!

Oval face shape:

Pushed back long/side parted short/undercut/fringe up

Most hairstyles and lengths suit the oval face shape. Shorter styles like the undercut or a short side part can give you an air of classic elegance but there is also room to experiment with longer lengths and modernized cuts. This face shape can handle a voluminous pompadour or even longer, fuller rocker-esque shoulder-length hair.  


Oblong face shape:

Side parted/buzzcut/fringe up/side bun

Avoid haircuts that further elongate your face and opt for more balanced hairstyles without too much distinction between the sides and the top of your hair. A side part or a buzz cut will work well as will a slicked back hairstyle or a man bun.  Keep in mind that you want a neat hairstyle without adding too much volume or height. 


Round face shape:

Faux hawk short sides/fringe up/undercut/quiff/pompadour

Select a hairstyle that creates angles as a round face lacks shape and dimension. To elongate your face, try out a hairstyle with shorter sides and longer tops. A pompadour or quiff should work nicely as they will create more dimension and give the roundness a more pronounced look. A classic side part can also create angles and give you a more mature look.


Square face shape:

Crew,buzz cut/undercut/faux hawk/slicked back side part

Another versatile face shape that can handle different types of hair lengths and styles. With a square face, you want to emphasize your strong jawline and add fullness and volume to your hair. An undercut or a quiff will do this well. You can also try out deeper side parts which will enhance your features.


Rectangle face shape:

Side part/slicked back/man bun.

Avoid adding length to the rectangle face shape. With a rectangular face, you want to choose haircuts with softer lines and avoid too much volume. Further, your strong jawline is a great attribute that you want to compliment with your grooming choices. A side part, man bun or slicked back hair should be suitable.  

Triangle face shape:

Fringe up/side fringe/side parted

Try adding bulk to the forehead to offset the jawline. Further, you can use this volume and pair it with medium to long hair lengths to create fuller sides. A side-part or quiff can be very efficient in highlighting the forehead. If a shorter cut is preferred, relatively low fades with strategic use of volume in the top corners can ensure a presence of depth and compliment the jawline. 


Diamond face shape:

quiff/long hair push back/faux hawk/side fringe

Side parts work great for groomers with the diamond face shape. Ensure that your hair is textured and a little messy as this will complement your facial features. A textured or angular fringe can balance out wider cheekbones with your forehead and provide a more balanced look.


Heart face shape:

Long fringes/side parted long/pushed back/undercut

You want to balance out the top part of your face with the bottom. To do this, keep your hair proportionate to your features and focus on ensuring that your chin doesn’t appear too narrow. Use a lightweight product to ensure that you are not creating disproportionate angles - a textured fringe or dimensional quiff will do the job. 

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