Coronavirus/Covid-19: The Diggn’ It Guide to at-home Grooming

Coronavirus/Covid-19: The Diggn' It Guide to at-home Grooming

Coronavirus has forced smart, responsible people indoors with many wondering “now what?!” While we don’t have a complete answer for you, one of the solutions is to keep on keeping on, within reason. 

If you were hitting the gym - keep working out, if you were learning a new skill - use remote tools and stay at it, if you were grooming - take care of yourself and live your vibe. 

This guide is meant to advise your well being and grooming routine as the human race unites to defeat the faceless nuisance, COVID-19.            

  • Have the Right Equipment Handy

With shops closed and social distancing being practiced, trips to the barbershop are not advised. Instead, you will have to take care of your grooming needs at home for the time being. To do this, make sure you have the right equipment:

  • Beard Trimmer:  To adjust beard length
  • Scissors: For line ups and shaping 
  • Razor Blade: Old-school or traditional, it doesn’t matter. It’s just needed to clean excess hair quickly. 

  • Use Coconut and Sesame Oil to Nourish your Beard

Make a 50/50 mixture of coconut oil and sesame oil and apply to your beard. It ain’t perfect and it ain’t Diggn’ It but your beard will be nourished. Just FYI, your beard won’t smell particularly great... that’s Diggn’ It’s job!

  • Maintain Skin Health

Clean your face using warm water. This will open up your pores and let you clean off dirt better. Also, drink plenty of water, 3 - 4 liters a day, and get sleep, 7 - 9 hours a night, lifestyle changes can make all the difference sometimes.

  • Groom Neglected Areas

Eyebrows, ears, and hairs. These are all places often ignored by men when it comes to grooming. 

With the eyebrows, you just want to pluck hairs that are out of place, do NOT go overboard! 

For the ear and nose hair, you may need to grab tweezers, nose hair trimmers, or round tipped scissors to do the job satisfactorily.  

  • Take care of your Nails and Feet

Trim your nails after a shower as the water makes them softer and easier to cut through. If you’ve got dry or cracked heels, apply some foot cream and see the difference within 3 days. It could be a game changer! 

  • Keep Hope, Faith, Optimism, and Positivist Alive

Times are tough and they may get tougher still, keep your head up and your loved ones close.

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