Diggn'It and  Sophisticut Collaboration

Diggn'It and Sophisticut Collaboration

Diggn'it x Sophisticut: 21st Century Arabian Male Care

Male care such as barbering and grooming is almost as old as man himself. This doesn’t mean it is immune to technology and digitization.  

Diggn’it is taking men’s self-care one step further with our latest collaboration with startup Sophisticut, a bespoke male grooming home service, which will see the Arabian-inspired beard care products as an extension of Sophisticuts upscale services brought straight to your doorstep. 

The exclusive partnership stems from Diggn’it’s mission to support local startups and make professional male grooming more accessible whilst providing all men with the necessary products they require to look and feel their best. The partnership will offer a new tailored service for Sophisticut’s clients, which will feature a beard style exploration session, paired with an informative discussion on what products are best suited for their 

individual needs, and a tutorial on how to apply the products, allowing them to ‘dig-deeper’ into the world of men’s self care. 

Sophisticut was founded with the aim of providing convenience to those with busy schedules, bringing clientele impeccable services in the comfort of their homes. Diggn’It wants to change the way the world sees the Arabian beard. Together, they want to revolutionize Middle Eastern men’s approach to self-care.

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