Does smoking affect your beard?

Does smoking affect your beard?

So, Marlboro Men, apples lovers, pipe puffers?

[Sidebar: Does anyone smoke a pipe anymore? Show of hands]

Blue smoke curls from my lips. My fingers twitch, incessantly ashing. I’m “pondering” (Bearded Brethren’s, “ponder”. Not, “think”). 

How much does my nicotine craving, affect my hirsute pursuit?

Now, I feel silly writing this, ‘cos as we all know smoking is bad. Capital B bad.

I mean; cancer, emphysema, bad breath…if that hasn’t deterred you, but your need for a healthy beard does…you’ve got it all twisted. Cease beard growth, and re-evaluate your priorities. 

Back to the matter at hand, does smoking affect the glorious pursuit of The Beard?

Without delving into years of hardened scientific literature (because in a Post-Science world; WHyyyyyYYY?), the short and tweetable answer is YES. 

Simply put, smoking negatively affects blood circulation, which in turn slows hair growth.

But Gandalf smoked, you say? 

Yes. Yes he did. You see; hair growth is affected by a multitude of variables, ranging from endocrinological (hormonal) to genetic, and everything in between. 

As with many things in life, hair growth isn’t predicated on a single factor. So while Gandalf was blowing bellows of smoke, he had the added benefit of WIZARD DNA. So he gets a pass. 

Now, you’re no Gandalf, and you can’t control your genetics, but you can stub it out. 

I swear I will, after this pack……

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