How To Care For The Skin (around the beard)

How To Care For The Skin (around the beard)

Now that you have purchased the best beard oil on the market (for those that don’t know how good Diggin’it Beard Oil is) it’s time to look at your surrounding skin.

Why? If you have a perfectly luscious beard but your skin is lacking, then it will be far more noticeable.

So how do we maintain awesome skin? It starts with a routine.

Part 1 – In the shower

Step 1: Facial Mask – Once a week

This first step might be a bit of a jump, but there is nothing more manly than taking care of your skin. A facial mask, either as a cream or a solid mask, is an excellent way to draw out toxins deep in the skin before the actual cleaning.

Simply apply the mask to your face (if a cream, apply as much as possible to completely cover the face, otherwise the final result might be patchy) and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then wash off.

Step 2: Cleanser - Everyday

Now we have drawn out the toxins, its time to cleans the skin. This is a very soft soap (don’t use normal soap on your face!) that won’t dry out your pores. Simple wash like you would any other part of your body.

Step 3: Exfoliate – Once or twice a week

Now use an exfoliate of choice to scrub away the dead skin on your face. Apply and use gentle (and we mean gentle) circle motions over your face. You do not need to do under the eyes, as this area is quite sensitive and might become irritated.

Part 2 – Out of the shower

Step 4: Toner - Everyday

Now you have washed your face, its time to balance out the acid levels on your skin. A toner is a vial of PH balanced chemicals (generally made from rose oil) that is neutral and will ensure a good staging area for the next part of the skincare routine.

Step 5: Rosehip Oil

We now start adding oil back into the skin. This will increase hydration and ensure that your skin looks fresh all day.

Step 6: Eye cream

Now we apply the eye cream over the top of the oil. Eye cream contains caffeine that tightens lines and brightens complexion under the eyes. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then we want to make yours as bright as possible.

Step 7: Moisturize

The 2nd last step is to add back in moisture to the skin, using a simple moisturiser will do the trick.  

Step 8: Sun Cream / Sun Block

Many of our readers live in areas with an unrelenting sun, where sun cream is almost mandatory. Once your face is dry and feeling fresh, add on at least a 30 SPF sun cream to protect yourself. This will prevent skin damage and make you look youthful for far longer.

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My beard hair is good and thick , but for monthes i have been suffering from falling beard hair very much and this has made my beard look less intense .
I use daily wash
I use beard balm
All 100% organic

I have taken care of my beard for 5 years
What’s the solution ?


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