Perfect Ramadan gifts for bearded friends

Ramadan is a time of giving and receiving. We give up daytime food and drink, we receive countless blessings, we give Zakat, and we receive spiritual and literal gifts in celebration of such a holy occasion.   

Too often we spend an inordinate amount of time buying gifts that are unloved, unused, and even unopened. Our list of gifts for your bearded friends and loved ones takes care of both of these problems. You save time while buying gifts that will be opened, used, and loved.


Ultimate Grooming Kit:

The go-to for any beardsman and seriously practical, the Ultimate Grooming Kit has it all: your choice of black or brown bag, a beard brush, comb, mustache wax, and your selection of a beard oil and balm.


Perfect Ramadan gifts for bearded friends


Exclusive Set:

The Exclusive Set is a limited release only available during Ramadan. It comes in special festive packaging and consists of your choice of beard oil and balm, and also includes a beard brush.


Perfect Ramadan gifts for bearded friends

 (Available for purchase only on the website)


Beard Care Set:

Suitable for aficionados and amateurs alike, the Beard Care Set consists of your choice of Oud or Misk beard oil and balm, mustache wax, and a beard comb. It's a balanced gift that covers all the bases with style and grace.


Perfect Ramadan gifts for bearded friendsPerfect Ramadan gifts for bearded friends


Sampler Set:

As the name suggests, The Sampler Set contains a taste of each beard oil - Misk, Oud, Rose, and Amber. It's perfect for those of us who can't decide what they'd like to eat at a food court :) .


Perfect Ramadan gifts for bearded friends


Arabian Beard Starter Kit:

Ideal for the novice beardsman, the Arabian Beard Starter Kit comes with your choice of beard oil and a bamboo beard brush. This kit would be appreciated most by men just starting out in their facial hair journey.


Perfect Ramadan gifts for bearded friends


Gift Card:

The gift card option is perfect if you know the recipient loves their beard but you remain unsure about their scent preference or flavor profile.


Ramadan is not just a month of self-reflection but also celebration. We receive gifts spiritually and literally. Time is scarce and too much is spent looking for gifts. This is a list that will save you time and help you procure the best gifts possible, ones that are actually used and loved not just received and stored. 

Go thru list with short write up about each item.

Conclusion… don't waste time looking at useless gifts, Diggn'It has everything you want and need that will be used and loved.

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