Six ways to enjoy quarantine riding solo

Six ways to enjoy quarantine riding solo

Quarantine has been tough on everyone. Workers, parents, students, you name it. For this reason, Diggn’It has come up with 6 ways to enjoy quarantine on your own. 

It is important to remember this time in human history may not come again. Don’t waste it and don’t spend time on what’s out of your hand. Invest your time wisely, focus on what you can change, and come out of this strange period enhanced, empowered, and ready to take over! 

Don’t just workout. Challenge your body and mind. Try workouts and routines you are unfamiliar with and do those. If you love your machines, try yoga; if you hate cardio, do core-intensive exercises.    

  • Get into a new hobby 

Forget what you think you know and try something new. Start a stamp collection, learn why coins become valuable, even just knit. You may just ignite a passion that turns your world upside down.   

  • Start a diary

It seems really weird at first but if you give it a go, writing a diary will clear your mind and make you feel lighter. Start with just a paragraph about anything and go from there. The key is to write every day or every other day.  

  • Watch something informative

We’re living in a confusing time and one of the best things you can do is get educated by watching something informative, especially documentaries. Pandemic on Netflix has become particularly appropriate.  

  • Learn and improve your cooking skills

Start with the basics - toast and eggs and move on to more complex dishes like omelets from there. Soon enough, you’ll be inviting the gang for a 3 course meal all made by your hands and care.  

  • Play video games

There’s a new Final Fantasy, a new Doom, and Warfare is now free to download. There’s never been a better time to be a gamer!

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