The 13 Best Beards in Video Games

Gaming, like beards, is a foundational component for a dude’s existence. It’s also a pop culture medium clearly influenced by and influential to male grooming and facial hair. With all that in mind, let’s begin one of the manliest, hairiest crossover events EVER…

  • Waluigi, Mario 
  • Maligned on the internet, Waluigi’s facial hair might be the only thing the poor guy has going for him. 

  • Dr.Robotnik, Sonic
  • One for the older heads, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik has a power ‘stache that seems to grow with every iteration.  

  • Captain Price, Call of Duty
  • A full mustache and a genuine pair of mutton chops, the British captain makes sure he looks the part of ultimate badass.  

  • Heihachi Mishima, Tekken
  • The beloved game’s big boss, Heihachi’s look has evolved from game to game - from him sporting a Fu Manchu to a more traditional handlebar style.

  • Zangief, Street Fighter
  • Another one for the OG’s, Zangief isn’t a bad guy, he’s just a bad-guy.  

  • Joel, Last of Us
  • A true beardsmen, Joel is staying tight while saving an orphan from the zombie apocalypse...nice!    

  • Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher
  • In the game, you can go to the barbershop and change your hair style, trim your beard, and even wash blood off your face. Interestingly,  as the in-game clock keeps ticking, your hair actually grows. 

  • Kratos, God of War
  • The bald head, the paint on his face, the beard...dude just looks like he’s out to wreck things.

  • Barret Wallace, Final Fantasy
  • In the game, Barret replaces his hand with a gun. No word on if the beard came before or after the substitution. 

  •  Zachary Comstock, Bioshock
  • A complex character who both is and isn’t. Ol’ Zac has a rocking beard that’s thick, full, and absent of patches. 

  • Cranky Kong, Donkey Kong
  • DK’s grandfather, Cranky possess a long gray mane that makes Santa jealous!   

  • Dr. Light, Megaman
  • Speaking of Santa beards, Dr. Light may just have the best one ever.

  • Olaf, League of Legends
  • Like most Vikings, Olaf has a healthy, full beard that is one part stylish and one part practical...there’s not much time or space for grooming during intergalactic battles.   

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