The Diggn’it Routine: Best Beard Hair and Skin Treatment

Previously, Diggn’It suggested tips and tricks that will make your mornings more efficient and productive. In fact, they may just change your life!

This time, we’re going to break down The Diggn’it Routine - a definitive, step by step facial hair and skin treatment that will keep your beard hair and skin fresh, healthy, and resplendent.

Step 1 - Wake up...D’uhhh!

Wake up and think nothing but good, relaxing thoughts and visualize a positive, productive day!

The Diggn’it Routine: Best Beard Hair and Skin Treatment

Step 2 - Shower with Diggn’it Arabian Face Bar

Lather your beard hair and skin with Diggn’it Arabian Face Bar and then wash off. Facial hair is thinner and less coarse than head hair which means it requires special care and conditioning. 

Step 3 - Apply Diggn’it Arabian Beard Softener 

Apply and leave Diggn’it Arabian Beard Softener on your beard and moustache for 2 - 5 minutes. This will relax your hair follicles and soften your beard while also adding a little shine and hold.

Step 4 - Dry off

Step out of the shower and dry off.


Step 5 - Evenly spread Diggn’it Arabian Beard Oil/Balm and Diggn’it All-Natural Mustache Wax

In colder climates, you should use Diggn’it Arabian Beard Oils while in warmer climates, Diggn’it Arabian Beard Balms are preferred. 

Apply Diggn’it All-Natural Moustache Wax for your mustache.  

Step 6 - Style up and brush your beard & mustache

The Diggn’it Sandalwood Beard Comb spreads product evenly throughout your beard while the Diggn’it Bamboo Beard Brush pushes hair follicles into the right direction and stimulates your beard hair and skin’s blood flow.  

Step 7 - 💯 Walk out your front door living your vibe 💯

Pack your products in the sleek Diggn’it Travel Bag and continue taking over the world - day by day! 

The Diggn’it Routine: Best Beard Hair and Skin Treatment


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