Treating and Preventing Beard Pimples & Acne

Treating and Preventing Beard Pimples & Acne

Everyday, our beards brave the elements - dirt, sweat, environmental irritants, bacteria, dead skin cells and more. This means that you need to mind your beard’s hygiene and clean it regularly. Neglecting to wash your beard is like inviting acne-causing bacteria to make itself at home near your facial hair’s follicles.


Beards must be washed regularly to remove bacteria-causing acne. A beard and skin care routine that includes exfoliating and moisturizing can reduce beard-related acne. Other causes of facial hair-related pimples include using pore-clogging products, ingrown hair, the wrong shaving technique and razor blade issues. 

Achieve a pristine, blemish-free beard and prevent/treat beard acne and beard pimples with a few simple adjustments to your daily life and beard and face care routine. For example, regularly change your pillowcases and avoid touching your beard/face too often. If you shave or trim around your beard, use a new razor and shaving cream to avoid irritating the skin. Eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein gives your body the nutrients it needs for healthy skin.

Moisturizing acne-prone skin prevents the overproduction of natural oils that result from dryness. Beard oils help moisturize the skin underneath your beard. Look for products made with argan oil as it is non-comedogenic meaning it does not clog pores. Diggn’It Arabian beard oils include argan oil as well as other fantastic natural ingredients that provide excellent hydration and nourishment. Diggn’It Arabian Beard Balms can also be used to treat beard acne and pimples. They are made with shea butter, an ingredient that can help kill bacteria that contribute to breakouts. 

Dry skin underneath your beard can trigger your body to create more oil to compensate, causing additional breakouts. Keeping your beard moisturized and well conditioned can help prevent beard acne by soothing your skin and maintaining natural oil production. 

Apart from beard oils and balms, the Diggn’It Arabian Beard & Face bar and Diggn’It Arabian Beard Softener can be used to remove as much debris as possible. When your beard is first growing in, you should also exfoliate each day to prevent ingrown hairs. This is best done with a beard brush when the hair is dry. Exfoliating your beard and face twice per week is key to keeping your beard acne at bay.
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