What is the World Beards and Mustaches Championships?

The World Beard and Mustache Championships is a beard and mustache competition in which men showcase innovative, funky facial hair which is then judged according to length, display, and style. The beard competition is hosted by different cities every 2 years and was last held in Antwerp, Belgium in May 2019. The 2021 World Beard and Mustache Championships will be hosted by the New Zealand Beard Club in Auckland, New Zealand and will be sure to amaze!

While the tournament was first hosted in Hofen an der Enz, Germany in 1990, it wasn’t a “thing” until the World Beard and Mustache Association (WBMA) began governing the competition in 2004 with their first-sanctioned event taking place in Brighton, England in 2007. Up til now, only Europe and North america have hosted the Championships which are organized by a particular city’s beard club which welcomes competitors from around the world. The 2017 World Beard and Mustache Championships which took place in Austin, Texas is the largest competition so far with 738 registered competitors from 33 countries.   

The Championships are grouped 3 ways - mustaches, partial beards, and full beards - with each grouping then having specific categorical events such as such as English Mustache, Sideburns Freestyle, and Natural Full beard. Because it’s a fun, showcase kind of event, the Championships are not really standardized with some having 17 categories and others having 18 and more. Each category has its own particular set of rules and regulations, for example, a Garibaldi beard can not be over 20 cm long.

To compete, first grow a beard. Then, fill out the 2021 World Beard and Mustache Championships Expression of Interest form. Finally, pack your bags, book your flight, don’t forget your beard oil and balm, and live your vibe while winning championships! 

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