9 beard mistakes to avoid

9 beard mistakes to avoid

Biggie said there’s rules to this. Same applies for growing and grooming a healthy beard. There’s things you should do and then there’s things you shouldn’t do. We’ve covered the former, it’s time to look at the latter - 9 beard mistakes to avoid.    

  • Not enough TPC - Time, Patience, Care

The golden rule for a solid beard is time, patience, and care. You can’t rush the process, you need to keep at it and you need to do it with a passion...like your face depended on it!  

  • Picking a style that doesn’t suit your face

For a quick tutorial on face styles, check out How to know your face type and shape. After that, check out The best beard styles for your face shape. For bonus marks, check out Best men’s hairstyles for your face shape and best men's Glasses style for your face shape.

  • Using beard oil on beard only

The right beard oil or beard balm can be a game changer but it needs to be used correctly. Too often, beardsmen apply beard oil to beards only. For maximum effect, apply to skin as well. Beard oil on skin can help you avoid beard dandruff and itch.  

  • Going too low/high on the neckline and topline 

Don’t shave too high of a neckline and don’t go too low on the topline. The best way to avoid both these mistakes is to trim a clear outline that includes a little leeway to go shorter if need be. 

  • Forgetting the ‘Stache

A perfect beard with a ratty moustache is like a ferrari with no wheels. Here’s some inspiration - 5 timeless mustache styles.   

  • Growing a wild, uneven and/or unhygienic beard 

Don’t, just don’t. 

  • Grooming with Plastic Combs

Plastic combs over time snag hair causing them to fracture and break. They also don’t help to distribute the oil properly. Brush your beard daily as it helps to evenly distribute beard oil throughout your facial hair. Brushing also trains your hairs to grow downwards rather than outwards. For shorter beards, use a comb to start with and move onto a brush as it gets longer. 

  • Trimming when wet

Water straightens your beard hair making it  longer. So if you rush the trim without properly drying your beard, you risk lopping off more than you had planned. Instead, dab dry your beard with a towel and use your beard brush to comb it straight. 

  • Blow drying with high heat

Avoid using the blow dryer’s highest heat setting as hair dries out leaving it feeling brittle. Switch to the coolest setting and use a comb to untangle any knots. Once dry, apply beard balm to rehydrate your hair and skin.

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