8 reasons YOU HAVE to grow and groom your beard in 2020

Men from around the world have banded together recently and made beards and facial hair a “thing”. They have become expressions of self and used to make a personal statement and help shape a dude’s style. As if those weren’t enough, Diggn’it presents 8 other reasons to grow and groom your facial hair in 2020!

  • Science

Science and anecdotal evidence suggests that beards have multiple health benefits including blocking harmful UV rays, promoting hair growth, and keeping you warm!


  • History, Evolution, and Culture

From Egypt to Ancient Mesopotamia, guys and beards have made a dynamic duo since time immemorial. What better way to pay homage to the elders than by growing a beard they would be proud of. 

Research Studies have indicated a link between men with beards/facial hair and increased confidence levels. Indeed, it’s well known that society finds the bearded man more trustworthy, mature, and respected.  

  • Pop culture

Footballers, pop culture icons, even animals...are all good enough individual reasons why you need to groom your beard and live your vibe!

  • Gifts

Have you seen some of the cool gifts and kits you can get by becoming a beards man?!

  • Office environments

Workplaces are no longer as stuffy as they used to be. Beards have become commonplace and accepted, take advantage!

  • Social Causes and Wbma

Beards have not only become an expression of self and style but also a medium to do good. Movember, Decembeard, and the others are all reasons to get involved, grow, and groom. 


  • Women
Most importantly, yes fellas, the ladies love ‘em! 2 separate academic studies have shown that heavy stubble is considered most attractive and full beards are tied to parenting skills and health.

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