Why is the bearded man more confident?

Why is the bearded man more confident?

Research Studies have indicated a link between men with beards/facial hair and increased confidence levels. Indeed, society has been known to find the bearded man more trustworthy, mature, and respected. There is no one clear explanation as to why bearded men exude more confidence but there are several possibilities.

1. Evolution

It is feasible that beards make men more confident due to innate, evolutionary reasons and there’s nothing we can do about it. At its most base, maybe the longer a caveman’s beard was, the more confident he was and the more his tribe respected him and looked to him as a wise and knowing person.

Why is the bearded man more confident?

2. Because women like them

Easily the strongest reason men would grow beards. While research so far has been a mixed bag with some women saying they prefer light stubble and other women loving a full beard, what is in no doubt is that ALL women love confident men who take pride and care in their appearance and personal grooming. 

Why is the bearded man more confident?

3. Social status

Throughout time and place, beards have been associated with elevated social status and wealth. Monarchs, viziers, establishment businessmen, and artists have generally preferred sporting strong looking beards that can even function as a tool to hide facial expressions and emotions.  

 Why is the bearded man more confident?

4. Masculinity and maturity

Beards are known to be rugged, projecting a sense of alpha-male masculinity. Also, beards are considered to be a sign of a mature and responsible individual who has been around the block and knows how to handle themselves. Perhaps the combination of perceived maturity and masculinity derived from growing a beard makes men more confident.  

5. Beards let dudes express themselves stylistically 

Men with beards may feel a boost in their confidence because their facial hair lets them express themselves stylistically. A beard can dramatically alter the look of one’s face and can also impact a dude’s fashion accessories, both factors that affect a man’s appearance and self-confidence.

Why is the bearded man more confident?

6. Because they're badass!

Beards are statistically badass

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