Best beards of the last decade (2010s)

With 2020 coming up, we don’t just welcome a new year, we welcome a new decade. As such, let’s take a look a the best beards of the past decade and what made them so memorable!

  • Brad Pitt

Mr.Pitt got the decade started with a bold look highlighting a straggly beard that strongly complemented his hat whenever he wore one. 



  • Drake

Let’s be real, Drake basically introduced the Emirate beard to Western audiences. And for that we’re eternally grateful!


  • Elmar Weisser

That beard tho!



  • Moh Salah

Only thing hotter than the Egyptian King’s fro and beard...his goal-scoring ability!


  • Gandalf

OK so he’s not a real person and technically he’s from the 2020’s but he was in the hobbit so WHATEVER!!



  • Childish Gambino

Apparently “This is America” rapper’s next jam is entitled “This is Beard”, can’t wait!


  • DJ Khalid

A key piece to the 2010 with his producing and social media antics, Khalid's that dude!


  • Lebron James/James Harden

While there are many Players with beards, few can out up as many as these 2!


  • Saad Lamjarred

A singer-songwriter, dancer, and producer, the Moroccan Lamjarred made his debut in 2007 but has been majorly active throughout the last 10 years.



  • The Lorax

Again, not a real person but cool facial hair regardless and he had an important message about climate change.

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