Best tips for the most productive morning routine possible!

Best tips for the most productive morning routine possible!

Money comes and goes, but time just goes

Disciplined and solid time management has almost immediate, life-altering benefits in all aspects of your life - personal and professional. Good time management lets you accomplish more in a shorter period of time. This newly discovered free time allows you learning opportunities, lowers your stress, and helps you focus, leading to more career success.  

Best tips for the most productive morning routine possible!

Before undergoing this enhancement, stand in front of a mirror and say “I will do this and I will do it well.'' 

The foundation, some say secret ingredient, to a productive routine, and its accompanying hard work, is belief. Belief that all the effort will add up. This foundational belief will be your best friend when your mind says “no” or “I can’t”. 

A productive morning is the anchor to any productive time management strategy, It’s an opportunity to immediately achieve little victories which set the tone for the day.  


Routinize your mornings

Sorry vampires but productive morning people are statistically more productive and efficient - Apple CEO Tim Cook wakes up at 4am every morning. A routine gives structure to your time which allows you to execute the task at hand to the fullest.

Best tips for the most productive morning routine possible!

The best way to start a routine in the morning is to schedule wake up and office arrival times. Try to get up and reach the office at the same time every day, this means you will need to consider how easily you wake up, how long you just chill in bed, how long before your phone is your hands, etc. 

When your routine has set in, you will find it easier to organize yourself the night before so that you wake up and start executing.

Best tips for the most productive morning routine possible!

Get Active Early   

The most important part of your morning routine is between waking up and eating breakfast. During this time, there are several agreed upon activities for a most productive morning routine:    

  • Phones and other devices: Do NOT look at your phone or other device first thing in the morning. It will distract you and eat up the most valuable of commodities - time. 
  • Light and Water: Early when your up, splash some water on your face and get some natural sunlight. You will immediately freshen up.
  • Exercise: Stretch, move, get that heart pumping! If the gym is not feasible, set aside 5-10 minutes to do basic breathing and stretching. Either way, wake up and get active.
  • Meditate: Start your mornings by meditating and basking in contemplation and positivity. Meditation works wonders on stress and concentration.
  • Eat: A real breakfast will be fuel for the next couple of hours.
  • Grooming: Leave enough time for grooming and personal care and do NOT forget to stock up on your favorite Arabian beard oil and beard balm!  


Gratitude and Patience 

Regardless of the previous day’s events, always remember to tackle the day ahead with positivity, belief, dedication, gratitude, and Patience - live your vibe!

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