Want to be successful? Exercise!

Want to be successful? Exercise!

Exercise is the one habit common to almost every successful person. This means we can draw a link between fitness and success. Studies have shown that our mental faculties directly benefit from regular exercise routines. Benefits of staying fit include having a stronger immune system, more energy, and greater feelings of well-being. The reason for these benefits is due to the flood of serotonin we send our brains when we get active. 

Successful people have an uncompromising attitude about their daily workout because fitness can instill in you the fundamental building blocks necessary for achieving success in business and beyond. Here are 6 such building blocks that show how important exercise can be to a successful you.     

  • Improved Concentration & Mental Strength
  • Fitness pushes you past your comfort zone and self-imposed limits to find that the limit does not exist. As you crush your fitness goals, you can transfer that mindset and belief to other obstacles in your life and as long as you keep progressing, nothing is out of reach.

  • Better Time Management 
  • Working out is a great way to build a routine and schedule. Set time aside and actively work towards a fitness goal, whether it's losing weight or running a certain distance. Seeing results after a few weeks will help you in your work as you can create professional checkpoints to work towards. 

  • Improved Creativity
  • Studies show that people who exercise regularly have improved convergent and divergent thinking abilities. And these two thinking abilities are key aspects of creative thinking. Further research showed that those who exercise regularly typically perform better on creativity tests.

  • Happy and stress-free
  • When you exercise, your body releases endorphins and serotonin which reduce stress and anxiety. Working out can not only decrease stress, but teaches you that you can excel beyond the limitations you’ve set for yourself. It builds your body and mind into a sharper tool.

  • More Confident
  • Exercising makes you feel more comfortable with yourself and increases your self-confidence. According to research, physical activity is directly and indirectly associated with self-esteem. One of the most prominent ways exercise can boost your self-esteem is by making you feel and look better. 

  • Goal-Oriented 
  • A regular gym routine teaches you to keep reaching for more. Like with most things, results don’t happen overnight, but if you stick with a regular exercise regime, you will see physical progress in a rather short amount of time. As you begin to see the progress you’ve made, you’ll naturally be inclined to raise the bar you’ve set for yourself. Fitness cultivates a hunger for growth, and overtime, even builds momentum that keeps you going.

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