How to fix a patchy beard

How to fix a patchy beard

You have a patchy beard. It is what it is. What can you do? 

Quite a bit, actually. Before anything though, you need to embrace you and remember that everything you’re not made you everything you are. 

 Pep talk over, let’s get down to business. Here are 7 ways to fix a patchy beard. 

  • Know your beard, face shape and style

While you can’t control the genetics of your facial hair, you can better understand its underlying growth factors such as where, when, and how your beard grows. By conducting this self-analysis, you will be able to decide what kind of look is feasible for you leading to better grooming decisions which will enhance your confidence, comfort, and appearance.

For further research on male grooming and style, start here: Calculate and determine your face shape and then check out these 3 other articles - The Best Beard Styles for your Face Shape, Best men's hairstyles for your face shape, Best men's Glasses styles for your face shape.     

  • Grow your beard

On to the practical - Grow your beard out, patches and all. Don’t shave for about 2 to 3 months. Many beards look patchy during the first couple of weeks and months of growth, particularly around the cheek area where growth is slower. 

  • Care for your beard - Sleep, Exercise, Diet, Stress

Pretty well rested, work out, eat right, don’t smoke and do NOT stress

  • Nourish your beard - Oils & Balms

Diggn’It Arabian Beard Oils and Balms soften, thicken, and nourish your facial hair and skin. Basic shampoos and conditioners dry out a man’s beard and face, leaving it patchy and itchy. Our beard oils mix 8 key ingredients resulting in a special blend of care, tradition and nature. Other beard oils use only a couple of unscented ingredients, some which may be synthetic. Diggn' It Arabian beard oils eliminate itching and help your beard grow thick, strong, healthy, and smell amazing. 

  • Train your beard - Brush & Comb

Beard brushes distribute the natural oils that collect at the shaft of the hair. Incorporate brushing into your grooming routine to help cover up the patches. For optimum results, combine step 5 and 6 - apply beard oil/balm and then use a brush to optimize distribution and absorption. 

  • Protect your beard - Beware of scam, spam and sham products

Be skeptical of any company or product touting a growth serum that will induce magical hair growth. 

  • Embrace your beard - Rock what you have

Eff the world, you are unique and this is how. Focus on growth areas and maximize them. 

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